Felman Production, LLC is a West Virginia based producer of high-quality ferrosilicomanganese. The plant is strategically located along the Ohio River, near New Haven, Mason County, and is accessible by major transportation modes including rail, water and truck. The plant has its own barge facility and internal rail system.

Felman Production is one of only two companies in the United States that produces critically important silicomanganese. By utilizing multiple furnaces, which operate around-the-clock, the company produces approximately 105,000 metric tons of silicomanganese annually at its 190 plus acre facility.

Ferrosilicomanganese is an important deoxidizer, desulphurizer and alloying element that increases the tensile strength, toughness, stiffness, wear resistance and hardenability of steel, helping to improve the safety and effectiveness of the end product. Metallurgical consumers from a wide array of industries all require steel with precise chemical compositions and specific characteristics, and these clients rely on Felman Production to provide the raw materials needed for their diverse range of offerings. 

Felman Production is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Miami-based Georgian American Alloys, Inc.



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